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“Interference” explores the rift between Africans and African Americans and the obstacles we face in standing together. It is a piece that explores how we envy and eye the other until we step into each other’s shoes and realize how similar we truly are, and how each side has its scars, beauty marks, painful histories, and perseverance in breaking through obstacles. At that moment, we can turn our attention to the source of our discord and break the barriers that keep us down. We either reinforce each other, together, or we cancel each other out: divided. 


The visual is done in partnership with the #HTownvotes initiative to mobilize new voters in the Youth, Black, and African communities. 

Explore a behind the scenes look at Interference with Cinematographer 801 Visuals. Check out the creatives below. 

Meet The Cast and Creatives

Click The Thumbnails Above To Learn More. 



Look back at OG Creatives' second community event with choreographer and OG Creative Kemi OG as she breaks down the choreography to Interference in a free and fun Afrodance workshop.


Photography by Shardé Chapman

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