We need your talent


There are many elements that go into creating the experiences we want to share with the world. Projects like Moments are multifaceted and have many different elements in motion all at the same time. Despite our passion and tenacity, we cannot do it alone.

Thus, we invite others on this creative journey, sharing our vision with them; we only ask that they ignite it further with their sparks of creativity so that collectively, we may create a flame so resplendent that it's emblazoned into the memory of of all who see it. This ethos transcends every aspect of each project from planning to production. 

If you embody that type of creative passion and want to share your unique creative sparks with the world, please check out one of our currently open positions.

Don't hesitate to reach out if your area of expertise isn't listed - we are constantly looking for new talent and may need yours on another project. 

Available Positions

Social network concept

Do you have some marketing skills (design, PR, social media) but want to gain experience? 

Social Media/PR

Marketing Intern


Are you an organized individual who prefers to support behind the scenes?

Executive Secretary

Image by Patricia Palma

Do you want to put your people management skills to good use?

Logistics Intern - Dance Manager

Image by Mike Von

Do you have a knack for visually designing a space?

Logistics Intern - Exhibit Lead

Image by Phil Desforges

Is directing your passion?

Assistant Director