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Meet The Cast and Creatives

Oluchi Ebere

Hair Designer 

Oluchi Ebere is a dedicated, and passionate hair artist who specializes in protective styles for the everyday woman. She is a creative director, choreographer, design consultant, and the owner of Luch Luxe, a hair company that offers hair products and hairstyling services. Oluchi is the Head of Hair and Design for the Moments Project. 

"I joined this project because I personally believe that it's time for us to come together and end these false, force-fed negative narratives that both sides have about the other. We are beautiful people with so much to learn and teach about each other, but we have to get past this so that we can progress.One aspect of the project I am excited to showcase is the importance of hair in Afro culture and how our hair has the ability to tell our stories as well." 

Learn more about Oluchi: 

Instagram: @luchluxe

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