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Frequently Asked Questions

You are a fiscally sponsored project. What does that mean?

Fiscal sponsorship is the practice of non-profit organizations offering their legal and tax-exempt status to groups—typically projects—engaged in activities related to the sponsoring organization's mission. Since The Moments Project is not a 501-C3 non-profit organization, we work with our fiscal sponsor, Fresh Arts, a non-profit organization that supports art projects, so donors who want to support us and prefer to do so through a non-profit organization can do so. To donate to the Moments Project through Fresh Arts, click here. 


I want to make my donation tax deductible. How do I do it? 

To ensure your donation is tax-deductible, you can donate through our fiscal sponsor, Fresh Arts, on behalf of our project. To donate to the Moments Project through Fresh Arts, click here. 


This is a cool project, but I would like an idea of what a project might look like so I know what to expect.

Sure! The project is already in process. Phase 1 and 2 are complete, and we are currently working on Phase 3. To experience the last two phases, you can visit our "Phases" page or click here


Does my entire donation make it to you?

Not exactly. Non-profit fiscal sponsors (Fresh Arts) take out a percentage before your donation makes it to us. That percentage ranges from 7 - to 10% depending on how you donate. This fee covers the administrative costs to make sure your donation is handled with care. 

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