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The Moments Project


Moments consists of several phases: Afrocentric artistic experiences that explore the unique perspective of African immigrants in the United States. It is an experimental collaboration of artistic expressions by creatives of color that explore this unique black perspective with contemporary African dance at the forefront through Film, Art, Photo, and on the Stage. 

Phase 1 

Interference explores the conflict between diaspora groups and childhood experiences. Interference was sponsored by Houston in Action and Art2Action as part of the #Htownvotes initiative. It focused on using art to encourage communities of color to participate in the 2020 elections.

Phase II

A digital exhibition portraying the unique perspective of Interference through the eyes and lens of OG Creative and Head of Photography Shardé Chapman.

Inscribed - Interference, shardechapman2


Phase III

A multi-media art experience series exploring the African Immigrant story in Houston, Tx.

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