The Moments Project's Phase 3 Artistic launch is a collection of dance pieces grouped together to form a dance album. These episodes will explore the complexity of black women’s lives through distinct contemporary African dance styles. The project is collaborating with 7 internationally renowned choreographers and will cover 8 distinct contemporary Afrodance styles. Dancers chosen to participate in the project will receive training and 1 on 1 instruction from these choreographers over a 5 week period and will perform these pieces in film and photo. They will also have future opportunities to perform in Phase 4 of the Moments project coming in 2022. 


If you cannot attend the auditions in person, there is an option to audition virtually and still be considered for the project. Please follow the instructions and submit your audition videos by Wednesday July 14th, 2021. 

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  • Watch the video above and learn the choreography by Manuel Kanza.

  • Record your version along with a 30-second freestyle after the choreography showing your dance strengths using the following song: Tuza by Os Dance Forever ft. DJ Jorge Mágico

  • Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo using a private link.

  • Click the "Register and Submit Virtual Audition Forms"  button.

  • On the confirmation page, click the link in the confirmation message to be routed to the virtual submission form to submit your audition video.

  • You should receive 2 confirmation emails/texts when you have successfully completed your virtual audition. The first is a confirmation for registering as an auditionee, the second is confirmation that you have successfully submitted your audition video. Please check your spam or promotions folder, and add OG Creatives to your email contacts to ensure our emails, reminders, and result notifications make it to your inbox. 

Good Luck. 

*Note: This form requires you to register for the general auditions before routing you to the virtual audition form. If you have already registered for auditions, click here to finish your audition process.