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is a multi-phasic creative project that presents unique works of

multimedia art and performance highlighting the diversity of contemporary African art and culture, the stories of local communities of color, and local artists of color with their unique perspectives on life and social issues across the globe. Moment's mission is to expose Houston, Texas and beyond to the diversity of African dance and culture, while empowering dancers and artists within the Afro community and other communities of color through meaningful, sustainable, and socially conscious art pieces. 

Moments is a sponsored project of Fresh Arts, a nonprofit arts service organization, the Institute of Contemporary Dance Houston, Dance Source Houston through the 2021 Spark Dance Grant, and Diverse Works through the 2022 Idea Fund Grant.   



We either reinforce each other, together, or we cancel each other out: divided. 

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Support the Project

In order for the Moments Project to be fully realized, we need individuals and organizations who are passionate about art, culture, and community and want to support Black lives and Black stories. With your support, through monetary and/or in-kind donations, our artists, dancers, and creatives can be empowered with the resources to produce Moments in a way that can create a lasting impact.


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